This Month in Sexism

Here at hook&eye we sometimes feel like we’re going a little crazy. After all, we’re well into the new millennium. Women’s Studies Departments have been institutionalized in the Academy, Sexual Politics is four—count ‘em, four—decades old, and feminists have made such immense changes that we’ve been accused of destabilizing the current world order. So how is it possible that sexism still happens in Academe’s hallowed halls?

Rather than cringe alone we’ve created This Month in Sexism! Send us your experiences, we’ll make sure your anonymity is intact, and mix them together in a jaw-dropping, side-splitting, and, frankly, sober little missive. Send us a simple sentence, or send us a complex paragraph: we’ll compile it into our monthly sexism omnibus.

Don’t feel unhinged all alone! Drop us a line:

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