Editorial Policy

Hook & Eye will not precisely describe anyone or anything unless we are writing about public events or discussing information previously published by trustworthy sources (thanks, Tenured Radical!) This is not a site to ‘name and shame’ but rather a space for us all to benefit from generalizing out from our experiences. We’re not here to settle scores with perceived enemies. We’re here to forge bonds with friends.

We want Hook & Eye to foster debate and facilitate conversation. Comments or submissions we deem offensive to these aims will be vaporized by our Civility Lasers. Laud, cheer, support? Yes. Disagree, argue, refute? Hell, yes. Flame, insult, troll? Zap!

Please let us know if you feel that something you see on the site, written by us or written by others, breaches these boundaries.

Email us: hookandeyeblog (at) gmail (dot) com