The Frantic Search For Daily Organization

All week I have been plagued with the thought that I am forgetting something.

And forget things, I have. 
See, despite having my smart phone on my person at almost all times and being on a computer for hours every day, I still hold fiercely to the archaic written planner. Picking a new one every year is an event because it needs to be resilient enough to handle constant use, classic enough to be used every where and have large enough margins and tabs for my personal preferences.  I currently have a black, dog-eared day planner with colourful sticky notes and multicoloured highlighter strokes on every page surrounded by frenzied lists and abandoned notes. 
I move it daily from my purse, brief case and gym bag, knowing it would be less of a hassle to use my digital calendar but stubbornly clinging to my planner. I am an ardent list maker as I find an unusual amount of satisfaction in stroking accomplished tasks off and boldly tackling the next one. 
This past weekend, or sometime on Friday (to be exact), my planner went missing and my life has been complete guesswork from that moment on. For instance, I realized today in a moment of cold terror that this post was to be up this morning. I think it may be a sign to start putting my daily activities and future plans in a more safe, digital place but until then, I am frantically searching for that well worn, deeply loved planner. 
How do you keep your daily lives organized? Digital calendar? iCal? Or do you, like me, cling fiercely to the written planner?