International Women’s Day: Happy?

Happy International Women’s Day! How happy is it, really? If my self-selecting Facebook feed is to be believed, not excessively so. 

First, there was this bit of info, shared by my friend A.A. from UFCW:
Then, there was this other news on the gendered wage gap that K.D. posted from CUPE:
Finally, the Alberta budget came down yesterday, with news that higher education is getting a cut of 6.8%, the largest cut of all in this budget, while also resuscitating rhetoric about the need for research to serve industry purposes more closely.
So, a less-than-happy IWD by any standards. I will drown my sorrows by leeching energy from the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Conference in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Alberta. 

And you? What are your worries this IWD and what do you do about them?