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Defining Feminism

Lately I have been thinking about my definition of feminism.

As an early 20’s female, I find that it is constantly evolving and changing shape. I am actively searching for role models who exemplify strong, independant women who are able to have a family, children, even the white picket fence and still hold true to their feminist roots by being change makers and front line drivers in their career and society.
Thankfully, I didn’t need to look much beyond Hook & Eye as most of the women who write or read these posts are exactly that.

When I found the following photo online, I knew I needed to share it in my next post.

I loved these quotes and I greatly admire the women who spoke them. I have added them to my growing stack of literature, quotes and figures who are influencing my view of feminism.

What are some of your favourite quotes on feminism? Who are some of your female role models?