Ten Years of Feminist Academic Blogging

Readers, we’re still here.

We’re still here, even though blogs are maybe a bit archaic. We’re still here even though we have only been managing about a post a month for the last year (or so…). We’re still here because every time we think eh, we should wrap this up, it has been a good run we realize we aren’t ready. Not yet.

Since we began in 2010 our writers have finished degrees, moved institutions, left academia, published books, made families, lost loved ones, made communities, shifted, changed, raged, reflected, been anxious, joyous, sad, confused, curious, and inspired.

Turns out 2020 might be here, but the academy still needs feminist thinking and intentionality. We still need feminism and intentionality. And we need you.

In our first post back in September of 2010 Heather Zwicker wrote:

Hook and Eye is both an intervention and an invitation. We write about the realities of being women working in the Canadian university system. We muse (and rave, and query, and wonder, and share, and occasionally rant) about everything from gender inequities and how tenure works to finding unfrumpy winter boots and managing life’s minutiae

A decade has passed and these concerns and curiosities remain. They have subdivided and diversified. There are new concerns, and there are endemic concerns that persist. And for this, our tenth year, we want to stay with the trouble, commit curiosity, and share and develop our knowledges.

We’ll be working in the coming year to revivify our posting schedule. We’d love to hear from those of you who who have done guest posts in the past, written regularly with us in different years, or have never written and are interested in pitching us something.

Ten years of thinking, sharing, questioning, refusing, and creating together matters. Let’s keep doing it.