3 thoughts on “Speaking While Female

  1. Thanks for sharing that 'feedback' publicly. Having heard your everyday voice, it is clear that you are performing, as you noted.

    I can't help but contrast your experience with mine–a white het male with a low- to mid-scale, i.e.- 'typical male', voice. I've also been speaking publicly for decades and have worked to hone my craft as well, which includes watching and listening to clips of myself speaking to pick up on tics and movement habits; it's a painfully embarrassing but worthwhile practice. Alas, and not surprisingly, other than being told I'm speaking too fast or too low (which is something I do when making ironic asides inside a talk), no one has ever criticized nor commented upon my speaking style other than to give compliments. Besides, the remarks about speed and pitch seem fair, since all they're saying is that they're trying to understand me, not that I'm doing something wrong because I'm a man or whatever.


  2. “I'm no clip-art, central casting professor.” Great line, great post! Curious: do you know or have a sense of the gender of the person who wrote the email? I kinda think it would make a difference to me, if I got an email like that.


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