On Strike

The faculty at Mount Allison University — my university — are on strike. My colleagues at the University of New Brunswick have been on strike for several weeks now. This means that half the public universities in my new home province are on the picket lines. 

If you read the comments on news sites or sift through Twitter on the matter you’re likely to find a lot of frustration as well as a great deal of misdirected rage and misinformation. I find this disheartening, but also evidence of the importance of demystifying what faculty — by which I mean full-time, part-time, contract, sessional — actually do
For now, I feel it is important to show my solidarity to my union and to the larger issues facing higher education in my province and indeed in this country by taking my place on the virtual picket line as well as the one that is just outside my door. You can find more information about what is happening here and show your solidarity for New Brunswick faculty on Twitter: #MTAStrike #mafa #AUNTB 

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