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Boast Post: The Wonderful Dr. Wunker

“In my second year, in a bout of seeing the world and it’s injustices especially morbidly, I asked you whether it all mattered; what anyone could really do to fix the massive social, cultural, political and economic problems that affect society today. You told me there were many ways to make change, but that a starting point – and this I remember distinctly – lay in education. Not necessarily formal education, not necessarily academic education, but being informed: recognizing and understanding societal problems was a necessary first step to changing anything. This is something I am always going to remember, and take away from my time in your classes. As you begin work in a new city, at a new school, I have the utmost confidence that you will be successful. “

 A little birdie emailed me this morning to let me know that one of Erin Wunker’s students at Dalhousie had written a lovely tribute to her, inspired by her departure to Mount Allison. Boast posts around here are normally a space where we celebrate our own achievements, but today we’ll celebrate Erin’s instead. You can find the tribute over at Cut the Jargon.