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Dealing with February

I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty tired of winter.

 I know that it is important to muster up the courage to try to enjoy the cold, the frozen fingers, the stiff cars, but as a commuter, the horrible road conditions and slippery parking lots are an extra cause of anxiety and frustration as I tend to arrive later to things that I plan. I am not outside as much, and you better believe I have not been on top of taking my Vitamin D. Like many others, I feel my resolve to become a better, stronger, smarter, more engaged and interesting person slip by the wayside as I feel my way through the fog of winter.

This is where I try to work out a system to keep my resolutions for 2013 fresh, interesting and achievable. On a wickedly cold night over the Christmas holidays, I sat myself down and crafted a vision board of what I wanted 2013 to look like. Some things on my list is to finally learn how to use the fancy camera I received a couple Christmas’s ago, to read more for pleasure, to run a marathon, etc.

A little patch of my board – the rip was caused by my car accident over the holidays and I felt compelled to leave it there to leave a dark overcast of possible doom looming over my plans. 

As I enter the second month of resolutions, I found I needed to make them quantifiable. Each month, I take a brief look at what I have done and make a plan for what I want to accomplish in February. Harnessing my slightly OCD compulsion for organization, I make a list of what I want to be done by the end of each month. [Nothing like self made homework].

Regardless, setting a system in place to achieve my goals helps me deal with winter monotony and reminds me that warmer months are ahead.

What are you doing to keep your goals in sight?

One thought on “Dealing with February

  1. I started a conspiracy. No word of a lie. I have trouble focusing on all the things I want to get done, and I hate that feeling of disappointment when things fall by the wayside. I think of it as being halfway there, when you look back over the last six months and can see definite progress, but worry about what you could have done if only you hadn't spent those mornings sleeping in. So I found some people with the same problem, and we've banded together to help each other keep our goals in sight by taking an interest in them.


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