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Enjoying winter

The windchill this week has been hovering around -35 C on average. People from other, warmer places, have been asking “Ok, but what’s the real temperature? The one on the actual thermometer?” To which, honestly, I have been letting my inner bitch respond along the lines of “Why? ‘Cause you want to make a statistic? The windchill *is* the real temperature. It shows that, upon exposure, your skin freezes in the same amount of time it would if in an environment with -35C temperature on the ‘actual thermometer’, but without any wind or humidity.” Yeah, I’m not that proud of myself, either.

However, the irony is my craving to spend time outside. Maybe it’s the forbidden fruit. Maybe I’ve lost all maturity. Maybe [gasp] I’m starting to like Edmonton winters. You know, even with the abysmal temperatures, which, truth be told, only happen on a handful of days (ok, maybe two handfuls; three, if it’s a really bad winter), when the sun is shining, life is good. When the sun’s not shining? Well, why don’t we leave that topic for a summer day, ok?

The trick is, from I’ve been told and been able to ascertain myself, to get out often. In two ways: get out of the house and get out of town. While the latter might be a luxury, the former really holds the secret. Get out of the house. Properly dressed, of course. When you think you’ve put on enough clothes, put one more layer, and take an extra pair of mitts in your pockets. Take that touque, too, it’s on the house.

Edmonton on a crisp sunny day in January
Why am I rambling on and on about the winter in Edmonton? I guess because enjoying winter in Edmonton is yet another version of making lemonade. (no, no, no, it’s totally not because I’m obsessed with getting away from #yeg #winter). Winter, even of the bitterly cold variety, is still enjoyable when you have a good SAD lamp the time and the opportunity to get outside as much as possible. I envy people who ski, and I promise to turn that negative emotion into lemonade, by learning how to ski myself. Soon. Maybe next year when, you know, both kids would be able to stand on skis. And then I’ll just envy them for picking it up in no time, while I waddle along, and take a gazillion falls. 
What’s your version of middle-of-the-winter lemonade? 

2 thoughts on “Enjoying winter

  1. Margrit! Totally. Whenever I've heard that someone I know is moving to Calgary (or any other winterscape), I immediately ask them what their winter sport is. If they haven't got one, I'll be pushy and recommend choosing one before arrival (usually, y'see, I don't like to be pushy — but this is a matter of saving one's sanity). I ski (xc and dh), skate (badly), hike in all seasons, and will strap on the occasional snowshoe. I don't get to do any of those as much as I'd like, but do my best. So far, my kids can manage about one km on xc skis and can sorta skate. It comes!


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