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Make a Fuss: Calling All Critics

I am feeling unusually excited. Maybe it is the residual buzz from spending the last three days talking with critical and creative practitioners at Public Poetics. Maybe it is the excitement of having seen Tanya Davis, El Jones, and Ardath Whynacht on stage telling it like it is … and watching a crowd of people listen, enraptured. Maybe its the launch of the new Lemon Hound site. There are so many women doing such diverse, engaged, and important public work right now! And there are ways you can participate too. 

Today’s post comes care of the wonderful Christine Leclerc and on behalf of the Canadian Women in the Literary Arts. CWILA launched in the spring, and one of its foundational initiatives is to create a critic-in-residence position. Here’s how you can apply.

Christine writes:

This year we released the Canadian Women In the Literary Arts numbers, attracted fine folks like yourselves to our emerging organization and raised more than enough for CWILA’s first critic-in-residence. Still haven’t applied?
If you’re a female Canadian writer (poet, novelist, storyteller, scholar) who’d like to raise awareness of women’s literary and critical presence in Canadian letters, we hope you’ll submit your critic-in-residence application to by November 1, 2012.

The resident critic will work on critical essays and/or book reviews and submit them to one or more Canadian review venues (print or web). CWILA also archives the work, which will be available at following publication elsewhere, copyright permitting. If there’s time, the resident critic is encouraged to support a climate of critical responsiveness in Canadian letters with a collaborative or community-based project. The residency is virtual, so the writer is free to work from home. Please visit for full details.

To apply, please send a letter of intent to describe your project, the venue (or venues) you plan to submit to, a one-page CV and a short sample of critical work to by November 1, 2012. A $2,000 stipend will be awarded in December.

We encourage applications from genderqueer writers, indigenous writers, as well as other women and/or genderqueer writers of colour.

Or, if you’d prefer to support next year’s critic-in-residence, we are pleased to accept donations of any size. Thanks for your ongoing support! We have much to be proud for such a young organization.

If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or have a blog, please share this year’s Critic-in-Residence November 1, 2012 application deadline with as many women in Canada as you can. And if you’re with a university, please send a short email to your department, or better yet, print and post the attached poster. Thanks so much!

All my best,

For Twitter or Facebook: RT @CanWomenInLit Advance women’s presence in Cnd letters. Critic-In-Residence w/ #CWILA – deadline: Nov 1 – #canlit