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10 Awesome Things for a Wednesday

  1. Revolution in Egypt (??) and solidarity all over
  2. Worst Professor Ever (and NH, for posting the link)
  3. My students’ blogs: see this one and this one and this one (the students opted to make their blogs public)
  4. Feminist Figure Girl (“look hot while you fight the patriarchy”)
  5. Our always-good friends at University of Venus
  6. Art Project powered by Google: the Uffizi, the Prado, the Frick!
  7. The way everybody wants to read “This Month in Sexism,” but nobody wants to contribute.
  8. The Journal of Universal Rejection
  9. My old cat snoring and snuffling beside me
  10. Sunup at 8:18 + sundown at 5:18 = 9 hours of daylight today

7 thoughts on “10 Awesome Things for a Wednesday

  1. Maybe “This Month in Sexism” needs to be “This Quarter…” or “This Term…”? I usually only get really riled up about something every few months; the rest of the time I'm struggling just to keep up with my work and don't have time for indignation.


  2. Hey, thanks for calling me an 'awesome thing' (and to LSB for telling me about it). I'll have to check out more of your blog, I like the idea of feminism being too 'fast' for the academy. That was certainly my experience!


  3. Sunup at 7:37, sundown at 5:34 … we have a mere 3 more minutes of daylight to regain before we will hit a blazing TEN DAILY HOURS of sunlight here in Wloo.

    That is, if it ever stops snowing long enough for the sun to appear. Oh well. Whatever.


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