feminist win

Reminder: submit your feminist wins

If you’re reading this from the Maritimes, you’re probably dripping wet. If you’re in Alberta, you’re trying to stay out of the blizzard. North Carolina: y’all might want to rethink that no-house-insulation policy. And if you’re reading this from Sarnia, stop! You need to preserve your battery power until the army helicopters can find you!

I’m guessing at least a few of you are reading this from an airport, where you’re waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting).

How to while away the time? I’ll tell you. There are just a few days left to submit your happy stories! Instead of running “This Month in Sexism,” we will run a post called “Feminist WINS” as our last offering before we take a year-end break.

What’s a feminist win? You tell us! Same format as TMIS, but this time tell us what’s working. Point form is fine, personal stories are great, institutional triumphs always important – the only thing we’d ask is that your stories have something to do with women working in the Canadian university system.

Write: editrixes [at] hookandeye [dot] ca
Deadline: Tuesday 21 Dec
Post to run: Wednesday 22 Dec
hookandeye to resume: Wed 3 Jan 2011.

(PS: Why not spend a couple hours over the semester break – or until your flight is called – drafting a guest post?)