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Weekend wrap-up

Here at hook&eye, we take the weekends off. (Call it setting an example.) But just in case you’re jonesing for feminism this first weekend of the blog’s existence, here are a couple tidbits.

First, if you didn’t catch this Globe and Mail article on the Governor General’s conference, take a peek! The call for a third wave of feminism dominated the conversation.

Or why not write a love letter to feminism? The show has been featured in Edmonton and Montreal, and the new iteration will be exhibited at the WIAprojects Symposium “Performing Feminist Culture” at the Ontario College of Art and Design in November 2010. The deal is, you write the words that explore your personal relationship with feminism.

Are you in a long-term relationship? Is it unrequited love? A love triangle? Do you have a crush on feminism? Perhaps you are having a lovers’ quarrel?

Details, including submission guidelines, here.

If a love letter to feminism isn’t your thing, how about some hate mail to sexism? Click on the “This Month in Sexism” tab above for the concept and guidelines for submission.

Finally, if you’re short on reading, let me point you to a few of the great blogs that always amuse and inform us:

The Adventures of Notorious PhD, Girl Scholar
In Professorial Fashion
Reassigned Time
Clio Bluestocking

Or go back to our first post and follow all the links – which, yes, we’re working on getting to open in a new window.

There. That’s it from us. Have a weekend!

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